18 May '11, 2pm

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Catch South Korean boy band U-Kiss live at their “Only One” Showcase on Monday, 21st June 2010, 7pm at Powerhouse. Comprising 7 members who were upcoming actors, hosts and singers, prior to joining the band, U-Kiss was named Best New Artist at the 5th Asia Song Festival in their debut year of 2008. Now, after almost 2 years, 3 mini-albums and extensive Asian tours, U-Kiss proudly presents their first full-length studio album “Only One”. To win tickets to the U-Kiss “Only One” Showcase go to www.stjamespowerstation.com.

Full article: http://e-clubbing.com/2010/06/u-kiss-only-one-showcase-at...



sg.news.yahoo.com 17 May '11, 9pm

It is not good enough for the PAP to know that there is a resentment against them, they need to know what caused the resen...