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Singapore’s Dying Art of the Kopi Sock Master - SeriouslyTravel https://t.co/Mq4If1VCXz

I visited Singapore nearly two years ago to visit my son who works there. I only drank coffee made at the hawkers markets which were not made with a sock. However I am just very recently returned from another visit and visited a ‘Toast Box’ franchise outlet close to Raffles and was intrigued by the making of the Kopi that I asked for. It was quite a performance using a sock and resulted in a lovely cup of Kopi. With that in mind I popped into another ‘Toast Box’ just off the Haig Road. I ordered a Kopi and sat down only to be offered the drink within a very short time. It was just a good but not made with a sock unless a large pot had been made ‘sockwise’ and I had one of those. Is the tradition of the sock being kept alive by ‘Toast Box’? They use recipes generally from the 1930s.

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The price of art & the art of pricing.

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Singapore Scott 142-149 10c to $1.00 19th Century Art Works. Mint never hinged

Singapore Scott 142-149 10c to $1.00 19th Centu...

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