20 Oct '16, 12am

iOS Conf SG

iOS Conf SG

iOS Conf SG aims to bring the iOS developers in this region and the world together. The world’s top iOS developers, bloggers, book authors and trainers are coming together for 2 days. The participants can meet like-minded iOS developers, have fun, learn from one another and find opportunities for collaboration. Attendees come as a group of iOS professionals, students or enthusiasts sharing a common interest to learn and build great iOS apps.

Full article: http://thelist.sg/ios-conf-sg/


Welcome, this is the 1s post for #THECONFBR Read everything about it here:

Welcome, this is the 1s post for #THECONFBR Rea...

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Por exemplo, vocês sabiam que o ex-Diretor de Engenharia do SoundCloud em Berlim e atual Diretor de Engenharia na Digital ...

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Daily SG: 20 Oct 2016

Daily SG: 20 Oct 2016

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Daily SG: 18 Oct 2016

Daily SG: 18 Oct 2016

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Most Singapore companies promote staff without giving pay rise – Money Digest: You can now get 3 tubs of Ben & Jerry’s Ice...