18 Apr '17, 2am

#DidYouKnow that Block 55 in Tiong Bahru was gazetted for conservation because of its unique social architecture?

The architectural style is that of streamline moderne, a subset of the art deco movement. Inspired by the technology and speed of modern travel before World War II, you can spot design elements of automobiles, trains and aeroplanes on this building. Unlike the lavish and ostentatious decoration of the earlier incarnations of Art Deco, the streamline modern style is characterised by clean, curved shapes, rounded corners, long horizontal and vertical lines. Some key design elements served functional purposes like such as the balconies. They serve as a good space to transit between the hot external climate and the cooler internal living space; they also create some kind of interest. The tinted green glass is also used strategically in brighter lit areas to cut glare, alongside its clear counterparts in dimmer spots.

Full article: https://www.designsingapore.org/modules/design-news/tiong...


NOAA's Sea Grant Program on Trump's Chopping Block

NOAA's Sea Grant Program on Trump's Chopping Block

ecowatch.com 18 Apr '17, 4pm

I'm calling today to let (elected official) know that I oppose the president's proposed cuts to the National Oceanic and A...