25 Apr '17, 10pm

Singapore's Spanish Armada, 1615–16 https://t.co/u5kzsvTWOQ

In March 1616, the Spanish Armada, comprising ten heavily armed galleons and numerous support vessels, dropped anchor off the eastern coast of Singapore. It was one of the largest demonstrations of naval power ever seen in the East Indies. Singapore was not seen as a sleepy backwater, but recognised as a key strategic nodal point in a planned epic showdown with the Dutch. The Spanish armada arrived as planned, but for weeks the galleons waited in vain for naval reinforcements to arrive from India.

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Missile submarine joins US naval 'armada' in Korea

defensenews.com 24 Apr '17, 10pm

WASHINGTON — It may not be “far more powerful than the aircraft carrier” — as President Trump said in a recent interview, ...