29 Dec '12, 9am

Jalan2 sambil melihat pemandangan menarik dr bagunan yg punya beragam warna & lampu dg desain kuno? Di sini tempatnya!

A short stroll away from Chinatown leads the curious wanderer to a charming little area of colourful shopfronts, old window shutters and streetlamps from an era long ago. Ann Siang Hill and Club Street, once the homeground of traditional Chinese clan associations and exclusive social clubs, now hosts a variety of quirky shops, cafes and watering holes – making it the perfect place to while the day away. Besides pastry/confectionary shops, wine bars, vintage clothing outlets, retro toy stores, alfresco restaurants and the like, be mesmerised by beautiful architecture and elegantly-restored classic details that are bound to draw out the creative shutterbug in you.

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fashiontoast post - mcq in russian hill

fashiontoast post - mcq in russian hill

fashiontoast.com 28 Dec '12, 5pm

In San Francisco yesterday…I’m back on quilted leather after re-realizing how equally badass and similar to a comforter it...