30 Dec '12, 4am

Hey guys, I'm selling some of my pedals away, let me know if you want/need any! Trying raise funds, so help me maybe?

Selling off three different Beta Aivin pedals to fund for some other stuffs. 1) Beta Aivin Heavy Metal Hm-100 / $40 Condition: 9/10 (Velcro-ed) and Used 2) Beta Aivin Flanger FL-100 / $30 Condition : 9/10, velcro-ed and used 3) Beta Aivin Delay DL-100 / $40 Condition: 9/10, velcro-ed and used They're perfect pedals for those on a tight budget but don't let the prices fool you, these guys can give you quite the good tones for an inexpensive pedal If you buy all three at once, I'll give it to you for a $100. Also, selling my Boss DS-2 Turbo Distortion for $50. Condition: 8/10 (there's a minor scratch at the side.) Used and velcro-ed. Sms me at 93697091 for deal or if you want pictures Deal at Admiralty MRT after 8pm or Ngee Ann Polytechnic on weekdays before 6pm Thank you and have a happy new year!

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