09 Jul '11, 6am

#NDP2011 RoadClosure 2-7pm. 1 extreme left lane Temasek Ave, direction of Temasek Blvd btwn Raffles Ave and Raffles Blvd

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Full article: http://www.ndp.org.sg/#/information/traffic-advisory


Temasek Holdings portfolio hits record high

channelnewsasia.com 07 Jul '11, 7am

SINGAPORE: Temasek Holdings on Thursday announced that the value of its portfolio assets hit a new record of S$193 billion...

Have u seen the Raffles hotel in Dubai? It's a ...

raffles.com 10 Jul '11, 7am

View other hotels / Corporate Photos Brand Raffles Beijing Hotel, China Raffles Hotel Le Royal, Phnom Penh Raffles Grand H...

Temasek portfolio hits record $193 billion

Temasek portfolio hits record $193 billion

straitstimes.com 07 Jul '11, 8am

Temasek Holdings said on Thursday that the value of its portfolio reached a record high $193 billion at the end of its las...