22 Jul '11, 9am

Fancy a 7km run with us? Join the MH Runners community! Aug 6, 0800 hrs, East Coast Park, 7 km

MH Runners Monthly Run Men’s Health is starting a monthly MH Runners run so that we can get to know you guys better. Join us for our first session on July 9, 2011 (Sat) at Bukit Brown Cemetery. Run Your First Marathon Train up for your first marathon with our guide to conquering the 42. It features training tips, nutrition advice and even race-day preparations as shared by our experts.

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MH Runners Run At Bukit Brown Cemetery: A Picture Journey

MH Runners Run At Bukit Brown Cemetery: A Pictu...

menshealth.com.sg 20 Jul '11, 11am

The running route within Bukit Brown looks deceptively easy. But time, and the forces of nature, had taken their toil on t...