25 Jul '11, 3am

2012 Olympic soccer ball to be called 'The Albert'

LONDON - The soccer ball for the 2012 London Olympic tournament will be called "The Albert". Sporting goods manufacturer Adidas invited Britons to suggest names and says the winner was picked because it is inspired by "London's great heritage and cockney rhyming slang". Adidas says "Albert Hall", one of London's great landmarks, supposedly means "ball" in east London's traditional rhyming slang. The actual design of the ball will be unveiled next year. "The Albert" also refers to the River Thames' Royal Albert Dock, 4.3 miles (6.9 kilometres) from the Olympic Park in east London. AP

Full article: http://www.todayonline.com/Sports/EDC110725-0000068/2012-...


soccer laser guy caught on camera. the bastard.

asiaone.com 29 Jul '11, 9pm

Laser pointer culprit identified Click on thumbnail to view (Photos: ST, NST, The Star, Internet)