25 Jul '11, 4am

In case u missed Elain Lim & me demo-ing simple eye makeup on 女人俱乐部 LADIES NITE here's è link.

Every furniture has a story to tell - Years later, when the furniture becomes the treasured memory of the past, would you bear to discard it? Discarding old furniture that does not fit with your interiors of your home is not the only option. Going green and yet maintaining the precious memory is possible with some ingenuity. In this new programme Renaissance, Bryan Wong works together with a family and creatively injects new life into old, worn-out furniture so that it not only looks modern, but retains fond memories as well. Each week, a family will be selected and Bryan will pay them a visit to their home. After Bryan familiarizes himself with the situation, he gets the keys of the house from the owner, thereby being in charge of the revamping. The owners will then stay away from their houses while Bryan embarks on his project, and will only return after all works have b...

Full article: http://video.xin.msn.com/watch/video/episode-10/1gqz8kqhh