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3rd Cosplay A Day : Defense Devil by Kaika

3rd Cosplay A Day : Defense Devil by Kaika

Idamaria may be a nun. But what a pretty nun she is! The series Defense Devil, written by Youn In-Wan and illustrated by Yang Kyung-il, Is a story about a banished demon, Kucabara who becomes a Defense Devil in order to regain his devil powers again. The character Kaika potrays, Idamaria, one of a nun who specializes in demon exorcism and is somehow romantically interested in Kucabara. Kaika’s costumes are all self made and done with precision. She has an eye for detail and is constantly improving them when necessary. She is also one of the most daredevil Cosplayers who wouldn’t mind terrible bruises, scratches, cuts and falls just for a dynamic photo. She is considered one of the most well rounded Cosplayers with the skills such as sewing, prop making, choreography, video and photography and of course not to mention, she is amazingly photogenic. In all, a talented individ...

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