Study: Atlantic waters growing too warm for cod.

Juvenile cod grew less in summers when waters were warmer than usual in Skagerrak, which is between Sweden, Denmark and Norway, it said. The summer slowdown more than offset a small boost to growth when spring temperatures were above normal. "The coastal Skagerrak will become ill-suited for Atlantic cod," if a projected rise in summer temperatures continues to have most influence on growth, according to scientists in the United States and Norway. "We found that spring and summer temperatures have opposite effects on the growth of cod," said Leif Stige, of the University of Oslo and among authors of the study in the U.S. journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. "This shows some of the complexity in predicting the effects of a warmer climate," he told Reuters of the study, which is rare in being able to draw on a long historical record. Other fish species may...

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