03 Sep '11, 3pm

Lampu HID Xenon tak standard dilarang di Singapura krn BERBAHAYA Bgmn dg Indonesia? @NTMCLantasPolri @rtmc_jogja

(e.g. aftermarket High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamp kits, high wattage bulbs, etc.) Vehicles should only be fitted with factory fitted HID lamps as they are designed to meet internationally recognised standards. Aftermarket HID lamp kits retrofitted into existing headlamps may cause unwanted glare when used. Therefore, installation of these kits are not allowed. Replacement bulbs must be of a design recommended by the vehicle manufacturer. Using a higher wattage bulb may increase the risk of fire because of a greater current being drawn to power these lamps. Therefore, these types of bulbs are not allowed. For more information on HID Headlamps, please refer to the

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