24 Jan '11, 5pm

Piles and Hemorrhoids

If hemorrhoids extend outside the anal canal, ice compresses may ease the swelling. Sitting in warm water (sitz baths) for approximately 15min at a time can ease the symptoms. Adding Epsom Salt to the water helps relieve the inflammation. Avoid foods and drinks that may make hemorrhoids worse, including spicy foods, nuts, coffee and alcohol. Do not use dry toilet paper. Use moist towelettes or wet toilet paper after a bowel movement instead. Keep the anal area clean by gently cleansing with warm water. Soap is not necessary and may aggravate the problem. Push back a prolapse hemorrhoid. If a hemorrhoid has prolapsed, try pushing it back gently into the anal canal. Use OTC hemorrhoidal products. There are a variety of OTC preparations that can help to relief hemorrhoids (See table 1). In general, they contain protectants (protect skin membranes), vasoconstrictors (constrict...

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