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NewPost: Diablo 3 Beta Nears #d3 #diablo3 #blizzard

NewPost: Diablo 3 Beta Nears #d3 #diablo3 #blizzard

Diablo 3 looks almost ready to launch. Sources on the net reveals the beta to be in September..and a possible fixed release date? The game that made us wait for almost a decade, finally shows signs of progression that we’ll be able to play it very soon . The good folks at Diablofans dug up some interesting information, including a leaked client release and a shady date. So far we know the beta is around the corner. The pictures you see are subjected to change if Blizzard wills it. And lastly, always save the climax moment for the end, a possible release date! They dug up some reliable information that points to the date: 5/12/2011. Mark your calendars and pray, the forces of darkness are approaching!

Full article: http://sgcafe.com/2011/09/diablo-3-beta-nears/


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When: Contest ends on ? Where: facebook Contest Type: Online *No purchase required Prizes: 1x Retreat & Spa Bali-Seminyak ...

NewPost: Diablo 3 Community Site Launched!

NewPost: Diablo 3 Community Site Launched!

sgcafe.com 26 Aug '11, 12am

Blizzard just launched their Diablo 3 Community Site, so what does this mean? Is it here? Can we finally play it? Sorry to...

911 10th Annivesary: Remembering the Lies (Part 3)

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New stats reveal almost 300,000 insulation meas...

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DECC has constructed a National Energy Efficiency Data Framework to enable detailed statistical analysis of energy efficie...

3 Approaches To Scaling Conversion Optimization

3 Approaches To Scaling Conversion Optimization

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Two powerful forces are crashing into each other in digital marketing — and conversion optimization is right in the middle...

WOW: PRC woman forces marriage on sec 3 boy

WOW: PRC woman forces marriage on sec 3 boy

news.insing.com 06 Sep '11, 5am

A Chinese national woman had reportedly forced her boyfriend, a local secondary three boy to marry her. The woman is 26, h...

Taiwan lovin'! Days 1 to 3 in pictures

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will lovebonito be launching the following items u wore in this post? the grey cardigan paired with orange maxi skirt, ora...