14 Sep '11, 3am

Gutsy 59-year-old Malaysian man captures burglar breaking into his house, but dies of heart attack before police arrive

SRI AMAN (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - It was a heroic act but sadly the hero never got to savour the moment, let alone talk about it with pride. The excitement of having accomplished something out of the ordinary was probably too much for Awang Ahmad Awang Apek, 59, who died shortly after he overpowered and tied up a burglar in his house here. It is learnt that the burglar had broken into Ahmad's house at Kampung Hilir at about 1am on Tuesday, entering his bedroom while he was asleep. According to a source, Ahmad, who was awoken by the burglar, clearly not one to just give in, put up a fight and managed to subdue the crook. He even had the time to find himself a rope with which he tied up the criminal and then called the police. However, when the police arrived, they found Ahmad lying motionless on the ground while the burglar was still struggling to free himself.

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