15 Sep '11, 4am

Is euthanasia immoral? The Govt should hold forums to increase the public's understanding of euthanasia, says our reader.

A FINDING in the study highlighted in a Sept 6 article ('Docs say 'no' to helping patients end their lives') was that doctors were universally against the idea of legalising euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide, if they were delivering the means for ending the patient's life. The finding raises a fundamental basic question: Is euthanasia an immoral act? There are many terminally ill patients suffering unbearable pain. It is unfortunate that they have no choice but to prolong their agony. Will it be immoral if the sufferers choose to take their lives? Wouldn't it be hard on their loved ones and the doctors alike to see them suffer helplessly? How can the public help? To be of any help, it is vital that we understand the rights and wrongs of euthanasia. The relevant authorities should organise talks, discussions, debates and forums about the issue.

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