30 Jan '11, 4pm

[habitatnews] Sun 13 Feb 2011: 7.00am - The Battle of Pasir Panjang Commemorative Walk

It is 13th February 1942, the Japanese troops that stormed through Malaya have invaded Singapore. Approaching Singapore City from the west, a seasoned Japanese army is forced to engage the small force of the Malay Regiment on the high ground of Pasir Panjang Ridge. A fierce battle ensues amidst the confusion from the aerial bombardement, burning fuel, loss of communications and the early deaths of senior officers trying to keep their men coordinated. The soldiers of the Malay Regiment battle on for nearly two days and a company is wiped almost to the last man by the numerically superior Japanese. Shortly after, on 15th of February, 1942, General Percival marches down Bukit Timah Road to surrender to General Yamashita of the Japanese Imperial Army.

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