02 Feb '11, 1am

フェリカの方が反応の基本性能良い気がしますね[email protected]が・・・ : ez-link~通常のビザ・マスター等やDBS口座でも自動チャージ可!対応カード限定の日本より進んでますhttp://bit.ly/ig7kOn

フェリカの方が反応の基本性能良い気がしますねぇ。 @deepsingapore旧カードはソニーのFeliCaでしたが・・・ : ez-link~通常のビザ・マスター等やDBS口座でも自動チャージ可!対応カード限定の日本より進んでますhttp://bit.ly/ig7kOn

Welcome to the world of hassle-free top-ups! EZ-Reload is a service by EZ-Link that automatically tops up your card when it has insufficient value for payment*. Always Sufficient Funds With EZ-Reload, you would never have to worry about having insufficient value in your ez-link card whether you are commuting, going through an ERP gantry, paying for your cab fare, or at F&B or retail points. Skip the Queues Zip through the crowds by skipping the need for queuing up to top-up your ez-link card. A one-time application takes care of all your topping-up needs for good. Protect your Card If you happen to lose your EZ-Reload Enabled ez-link card, simply report it to get refund of the remaining Stored Value*. *Please refer to Terms & Conditions of EZ-Reload for more information. Click here to find out how EZ-Reload can be used in retail applications . Click here to apply for EZ-Re...

Full article: http://www.ezlink.com.sg/top-up/ez-reload.php