28 Sep '11, 12pm

Sugar doesn't produce 'hyper' kids

Sugar doesn't produce 'hyper' kids

In our parents' time, breastfeeding was not encouraged. In fact, new moms were given injections to make them lose their milk supply. While I was pregnant, my mom would repeatedly try to convince me and my husband that I get the same shot because from her experience, when she tried to nurse my younger sister, she found it to be very painful. The breast pump available at the time was an awfully ineffective torturous bicycle horn-style pump. I remember playing with it as a child; it squeezed my tummy and would make a giant chikinini! There were no lactation consultants or active breastfeeding groups or information. With women still trying to prove themselves in the workplace then, you were deemed a better parent if you could afford the most expensive formula there was. We now know that breast milk is THE best source of infant nutrition. This is why even if I wasn't able to nu...

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@NutriSpeaking I only got one box (wish I had switched a long time ago), but CSA California is more local!

@NutriSpeaking I only got one box (wish I had s...

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The one not-so-great aspect of this service. When I signed up online, I opted to have my produce box delivered on Tuesday ...

Vanilla Whites: Sugar Hit

Vanilla Whites: Sugar Hit

vanilla-whites.blogspot.com 08 Oct '11, 2pm

I cannot stand my hair anymoreeeeeee, when i complained about it to Jon, he actually agreed and added that it resembles 'w...