10 Feb '11, 9am

Read this @FrancisFanzilli @DanCohen4114

Read this @FrancisFanzilli @DanCohen4114

As the company recently reached its status as a top 1,000 website traffic-wise, the opportunity arose to earn substantial revenue through third-party advertising. I decided to forego this revenue potential and instead focused on posting links to my other deal businesses. These businesses include jewelry-focused Shadora , Ben’s Outlet for electronics, and Dynamite Time for watches. This move towards internal promotion maintains my investment in my customers by offering Black Friday deals every day, instead of spending money on advertising. Launching during the recessions proved to be fortuitous as many retailers were stuck with excess inventory and were looking to unload those extra items, while consumers were, and still are, looking for ways do stretch their dollar.

Full article: http://www.youngupstarts.com/2011/02/10/a-chat-with-ben-f...


Bueno ya si no hay nada que el bb messenger haga que no haga el whatsapp , hoy salio el update que habilita group chat!

Bueno ya si no hay nada que el bb messenger hag...

cruzteng.com 10 Feb '11, 10am

Well done, WhatsApp , for introducing a group chat function earlier today. There’s a reason why you’re constantly at the t...