11 Feb '11, 8am

Toy Design Competition: TREXI Category organised by Singapore Poly. Open to Secondary School students in SG!

Trexi is a canvas art toy originated and marketed by Play Imaginative Pte Ltd. Measuring 3-inches in height, this designer figure can be personalised in a variety of styles by different designers and artists working with different mediums. Trexi embodies instant charm, personality and a distinctive character that is wholesome, fun, cosmopolitan, modern, hip and trendy. It speaks multiple languages and transcends territorial borders, reaching out to audiences at all levels without barriers. Once again, secondary school students will have their chances to design their very own Trexi as they will be invited to design graphic for the Trexi figure. This will provide an avenue for them to unleash their creativity and innovativeness in the graphic design arena. This Toy Design Competition 2011 is organised by the Singapore Polytechnic’s School of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engin...

Full article: http://www.sp.edu.sg/schools/mae/tdc11/tdc11-cat-trexi.htm


ITE unveils new Hair Spa and Design Centre

ITE unveils new Hair Spa and Design Centre

channelnewsasia.com 12 Feb '11, 9am

SINGAPORE: The Institute of Technical Education (ITE) is making sure their students are a cut above the rest with a new Ha...