19 Feb '11, 4pm

When to trim the nails of the finicky Mr Bats

When to trim the nails of the finicky Mr Bats

I play swipe and pounce games with Mr Bats so I know his nails are too sharp. Otherwise, mild injuries on his fellow brethren Xylo and Tiger signal its for trimming. Mr Bats is the most temperamental of the three and is most likely to explode in your arms. While his excitable swipes and nips are more psychologically cautioning than damaging, our reflexes are a healthy response to maintain. So when to take on tasks like nail trims and ear cleansing? Well, cats have moods like the best of us, so approach when docile, affectionate or, well, best said, “manja”! Like he looks in this photo below. Nice and malleable – but always monitor for change!

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