30 Mar '16, 6pm

#iKONSexyJuneDay is trending heights! Top Trends every hour for Singapore only

Total number of 256105 tweets for this trend #iKONSexyJuneDay is trending at number 3 in Indonesia, number 3 in Singapore, number 3 in Malaysia, number 12 in SouthKorea, number 2 in KualaLumpur, number 8 in Japan, number 7 in Philippines, number 13 in World, number 7 in Brazil.

Full article: http://hashgurus.com/image.aspx?q=%23iKONSexyJuneDay


#greenbuilding #trends #2016

#greenbuilding #trends #2016

usgbc.org 30 Mar '16, 11am

Last month, USGBC announced the results of research by Dodge Data and Analytics, with which USGBC has partnered, in the Wo...

Singapore gets hazy as 3-hour #PSI hits 86 at 7pm on Thursday

Singapore gets hazy as 3-hour #PSI hits 86 at 7...

straitstimes.com 31 Mar '16, 11am

SINGAPORE - The three-hour Pollutant Standards Index (PSI) reading surged to 91 at 8pm on Thursday (March 31), the highest...