29 Aug '16, 9pm

#zika #Singapore cases hit 56: @NEAsg and @sporeMOH step up fight

#zika #Singapore cases hit 56: @NEAsg and @sporeMOH step up fight

Saying that NEA has deployed more than 200 officers for outreach and inspection efforts, Dr Amy Khor, Senior Minister of State for the Environment and Water Resources and Health, posted on Facebook: "I hope residents can give their fullest cooperation to the NEA officers to carry out their inspections. This is extremely critical and fundamental to our efforts to reduce the risk of further spread of the Zika virus."

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Singapore Zika Transmissions Rise to 56

wsj.com 30 Aug '16, 7am

SINGAPORE—Authorities in Singapore said they identified 15 additional Zika virus infections that were transmitted locally,...

11 new cases of #Zika in Singapore, total cases...

straitstimes.com 10 Sep '16, 10pm

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