04 Jul '11, 8am

ADOPT: Mummy cat & kittens rescued fr teens abusing cats at Pasir Ris Park > (PLS , they need <3ing homes!)

Abandoned young female with 5 kittens, ca. 2-3 weeks old, 1 black&white, 3 with grey-black stripes, one ginger (so cute!) ... found at Pasir Ris Park while abused by some teens. 3 other kittens abused to death already (burnt alive). The rest of the family rescued without other injuries but very afraid. After some time, when the cats realized we wouldn´t harm them, they were very tame and cuddled in our arms and my children also were allowed to pet the mother, who really behaved very nicely. Due to severe cat-allergy, we cannot keep them, so we hoped to find a nice home, also for the mother, who will be put back to finding place, if she isn´t adopted to. Right now they all are with SPCA, mother is sterilized there. PLEASE - can somebody take them, so they do not have to go back?

Full article: http://www.catwelfare.org/node/4728