17 Feb '17, 3pm

【ティオンバルマーケット&フードセンター 改装工事】 休業予定期間:2017年2月20日〜5月19日 https://t.co/QAWdpU68Ss

Hawker Centres are an integral part of life for Singaporeans. They offer a wide selection of food and market produce at affordable prices and provide a clean and hygienic environment in which patrons can fulfil their marketing and dining needs. To ensure that hawker centres are kept in a clean and tenable condition, NEA conducts Spring Cleaning and Repairs and Redecoration works in the MEWR owned centres regularly. The public can refer to the table below for the cleaning and maintenance schedules of the different hawker centres. [Note: For HDB-owned centres, the respective Town Councils conduct the Spring Cleaning and Repairs and Redecoration (R&R) works. For MEWR-owned centres, the works are conducted by NEA.]

Full article: http://www.nea.gov.sg/public-health/hawker-centres/announ...