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@yosuke__ シンガポールはレーザー機器の輸出入・販売・所持・使用にそれぞれ免許が入りますよ。僕も数年前に使用免許(N2)をとりました。5mW以上から必要だったはず。https://t.co/XSNSQV1WXb

Although the dose given in medical diagnostic and dental x-rays is relatively low, almost every individual would have undergone this type of examination sometime in his/her lifetime. Collectively, we want to keep the dose to the population as low as possible so it is important that the correct dose be given for each radiograph. Guidance dose levels for medical diagnostic radiography for a typical adult patient, as recommended by the IBSS are given in the following table. The given doses should not be too low either because then, the radiograph may not show the requested diagnostic information and the patient will not get the expected medical benefit from the x-ray examination. There shall be proper documentation of all QA procedures.

Full article: http://www.nea.gov.sg/anti-pollution-radiation-protection...



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