19 Feb '13, 4pm

Dear participants, the results for 5th ASEANpreneurs Idea Canvas Round 2 are out. Please check our website:

Navigation Menu Home About Us Instructions Online Resources Results Round 1 Round 2 Sponsor Us Contact Confidentiality Home » Round 2 Round 2 Irviene Maretha AICN03 Zin Zin Khaing AICN07 Prukalpa Sankar AICN12 Luvi Septiyastuti AICN13 A’malina Azzahra AICN17 Noor Fateen bt. Mohd. Azhar AICN25 Patrick Dulay AICN26 Tieza Mica H. Santos AICN29 Erlangga Putra Utomo AICN30 Jopaw Villarosa AICN34 Badreddine Zebbiche AICN41 Hizkia Febianto AICN45 Jim Harith Jamaluddin AICN46 Alia Noor Anoviar AICN70 Le Thuy Duong AICN82

Full article: http://aseanpreneurs.org/aic/?page_id=431


cek website

aseanpreneurs.org 20 Feb '13, 7am

ASEAN’s Biggest Business Idea Competition is BACK! S$26 000 worth of total prizes &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp Follow these fiv...

#BrewersCup Schedules For #NERBC - First Round y'all are brewtalizing me.

#BrewersCup Schedules For #NERBC - First Round ...

sprudge.com 19 Feb '13, 4pm

Here’s your complete schedule for the first round of the 2013 Northeast Regional Brewers Cup! Round one happens in a “sile...