15 Aug '11, 10am

TechDuology videocast speaks nerdy to you - e27

Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. Powered by WP Greet Box If you like your Diggnation-style two-guys-on-a-couch-talking-nerdy podcasts, there’s a new videocast on the Malaysian scene that you might want to check out. Now in its second episode, TechDuology is hosted by radio DJ Ben Jern and tech blogger Jason Goh , who discuss consumer-tech stories with a local spin (don’t expect heavy discussions or entrepreneur goss ala TechCrunch here). The stories in the second episode, for example, include mentions of Cut The Rope Experiment, mobile phone reviews, the Nokia N9 launch in Kuala Lumpur, and an Angry Birds Bra. A new episode is out every Friday on YouTube, so if you’ve got some time to burn and have been meaning to check out what’s going on in the Malaysian consumer tech scene, press play.

Full article: http://e27.sg/2011/08/15/techduology-videocast-speaks-ner...


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Woman in China Red Cross scandal speaks up

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