22 Sep '11, 5am

Ouch! Did you just Pinch me? by @jiayijoyce

So *Pinch* is a messaging app but surprisingly, it is this main core function that I have the most problems with. The user interface for messaging is quite unfriendly. Messages are displayed in a thread format, which is increasingly becoming the new standard for smart-phone messaging, but this feature is rendered useless because once you hit the reply button, all prior messages disappear upwards and you are left staring at a measly one lined bar in which you type in your reply. I probably should mention that if you are one to lose your train of thought when messaging, you should plan your reply such that it take up just one bar length because any longer, you would lose sight of anything that you just typed. There seemed to be no way to scroll and reread the whole message before sending it too!

Full article: http://e27.sg/2011/09/22/ouch-did-you-just-pinch-me/




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I just made someone cry..

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Charlie Bit Me …Ouch! (via @kujie)

Charlie Bit Me …Ouch! (via @kujie)

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