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Protag (SGD$59 ) (official site ) is a loss prevention device that is engineered in Singapore. It allows you to keep watch of your belongings at all times. You have to pair your Protag with an Android phone (no iOS support yet) and place your Protag in your belongings (like in your bag or wallet). When the Protag in your belongings detects that you are almost out of range, your phone alarm will go off. This is extremely useful when you are travelling and may help to prevent pickpocketing. If you have not figured it out yet, it works both ways. When your phone is stolen and out of range with the Protag, it rings as well. The default distance is about 8m in open air and 4m in belongings but you can set it. The audio level of the alarm depends on your phone volume. There are a few other features such as: Proximity Alert: Your phone will alert you when it detects your belongin...

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Singapore's Protag to launch Indiegogo campaign for anti-loss device via @sgeio

Singapore's Protag to launch Indiegogo campaign...

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Singapore’s Protag to launch Indiegogo campaign for anti-loss device August 7, 2013 by Terence LEE Losing a valuable item ...