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必ずしも、影響が無い とは言えませんからね。

必ずしも、影響が無い とは言えませんからね。

joi.ito.com 30 Sep '13, 1pm

出展:Poh, M.Z., Swenson, N.C., Picard, R.W., "A Wearable Sensor for Unobtrusive, Long-term Assessment of Electrodermal Activ...

Who will be left when they finally come for you

joi.ito.com 30 Sep '13, 5am

This is going to REALLY long, please bear with me... Speaking as an American (albeit, one living in Japan), I can confiden...

Designing Around Little Minds

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This is articulated in an experiment described by Trivers in which subjects are asked to listen to a series of voices, som...


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This page contains a single entry by Joi published on 2012年7月 2日 12:00 . Daniel Suarez の新作小説 『Kill Decision』 was the previ...



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Earlier this month, Mako circulated an email about Iron Blogger. Sounded useful and easy enough so I signed up... and fail...

New Balance 1300 “Pigeon” by JP Custom Kicks

kicksonfire.com 01 Oct '13, 12am

Jeff Staple’s “Pigeon” colorway is certainly a staple of sneaker culture. The theme has been co-opted time and again out o...