31 Oct '11, 2am

To Product/Market Fit and Beyond by @Jackyyapp

To Product/Market Fit and Beyond by @Jackyyapp

will be putting together a mini-conference titled “To Product/Market Fit and Beyond”. Never heard about Rainmakers? Rainmakers is a series of mini-conferences focusing on entrepreneurial education. Every event they run centers around a technological theme on which relevant startup founders and professionals from the industry are invited to share their experiences. Rainmakers is run by a team of aspiring entrepreneurs who hail from Southeast Asia, aiming to build a global network of entrepreneurs.

Full article: http://e27.sg/2011/10/31/to-productmarket-fit-and-beyond/


Fit or Fits?

pinksmurf.com 31 Oct '11, 12pm

Ive decided that from the 1st of November, im gonna start a new diet and exercise! Watch me! Im gonna be so fit!


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Dot Earth Blog: 7 Billion and Beyond

Dot Earth Blog: 7 Billion and Beyond

dotearth.blogs.nytimes.com 31 Oct '11, 8pm

She is from the Girar Deber Kebele in northern Ethiopia. She is 39 years old, got married at 13, and has been participatin...

To FiT or not to FiT?: FiTs are agreed higher p...

todayonline.com 07 Nov '11, 9pm

Indeed, it is high time for governments to give renewables an equal footing with its fossil counterparts. Through these ye...

Singapore government: "if we choose the path of...

greenbusinesstimes.com 08 Nov '11, 5am

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How to Fit a Belly Putter - SPi Instructor John...

bunkershot.com 05 Nov '11, 6am

SPi Instructor John Higgins at SeeMore explains the simple, yet very effective way to fit a belly putter. To learn more go...