27 Nov '13, 11am

Check out Giants in Conversation - Inspiring & Educational

Giants In Conversation (GIC) is a series of events that feature distinguished speakers from around the world. GIC sessions are designed to be educational and inspiring for individuals from all backgrounds who are interested in social entrepreneurship and innovation. Topics vary, often covering areas like global issues, trends, disruptive innovations, and the personal stories of the speakers.

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In Conversation with Ben Collins

superadrianme.com 27 Nov '13, 4am

Earlier this year our writer Rachel Yang did an email interview with Ben Collins. Ben Collins, the former Stig for Top Gea...

Graphene: Growing giants

Graphene: Growing giants

ecnmag.com 06 Dec '13, 6pm

Huge grains of copper promote better graphene growth WASHINGTON D.C. Dec. 6, 2013 -- To technology insiders, graphene is a...

Twitter TV Ads Launches Conversation Targeting

Twitter TV Ads Launches Conversation Targeting

searchenginewatch.com 25 Nov '13, 8pm

Earlier this year, Twitter launched TV ad targeting – a way for brands to further reach TV viewers on Twitter who may have...