29 Nov '11, 5pm

@Appartamento67 hai voglia ne esistono a bizzeffe, ad esempio questo:

NEW: Works For WordPress 2.8 Only NEW: Uses jQuery Framework NEW: Added In Most Viewed Pages To WP-Stats NEW: Use _n() Instead Of __ngettext() And _n_noop() Instead Of __ngettext_noop() FIXED: Uses $_SERVER['PHP_SELF'] With plugin_basename(__FILE__) Instead Of Just $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] NEW: Uses New Widget Class From WordPress NEW: Merge Widget Code To wp-postviews.php And Remove wp-postviews-widget.php NEW: Added get_most_viewed_tag() And get_least_viewed_tag() FIXED: Ensure That Post Is Not A Revision FIXED: Multiple Loops Filtered Not Cleared

Full article: http://lesterchan.net/wordpress/readme/wp-postviews.html