27 Dec '13, 1am

Klipsch Image S4i II

Klipsch Image S4i II

The most obvious difference between the Klipsch Image S4i and Klipsch Image S4i II will be the flat, tangle resistant cable. Other than that, I am not too sure what else has changed.

Full article: http://lesterchan.net/blog/2013/12/27/klipsch-image-s4i-ii/


Image shows Veterans' cemetery vandalized

Image shows Veterans' cemetery vandalized

milblogging.com 01 Jan '14, 8pm

It is unclear exactly what happened, but what is for sure is that this picture of Cheltenham Veterans Cemetery, in Marylan...

地中海に展開中の巡洋艦モントレーの食堂では、調理担当の海軍兵がこんなにかわいらしいお菓子の家を作りました→ お庭に積もる雪はココナッツのようですね。


navy.mil 30 Dec '13, 4pm

MEDITERRANEAN SEA (Dec. 20, 2013) Culinary Specialist 2nd Class Mitchell Reed makes a gingerbread house on the mess decks ...

Singapore Fights Image As Swiss Banker of Asia

voanews.com 25 Dec '13, 3pm

— In a place that restricts everything from chewing gum to pungent durian fruit. Singaporean authorities pride themselves ...

アラビア海を行く、強襲揚陸艦ボクサーのシルエット→ 空に浮かぶ雲と光の加減が絶妙な1枚です。

アラビア海を行く、強襲揚陸艦ボクサーのシルエット→ 空に浮かぶ雲と光の加減が絶妙な1枚です。

navy.mil 30 Dec '13, 5pm

ARABIAN GULF (Dec. 23, 2013) The amphibious assault ship USS Boxer (LHD 4) is underway. Boxer is the flagship for the Boxe...

Queen Elizabeth II attends Christmas service

straitstimes.com 25 Dec '13, 1pm

LONDON (AP) - Britain's royal family turned out in force on Wednesday for a traditional Christmas church service, but the ...

Shopblogger - SPAR-Markt in Arcen – II

shopblogger.de 04 Jan '14, 5am

too about Draußen regnet es. Sat, 04.01.2014 03:08 Eben. Und nach dem Putzen k ann man das Wasser sammeln und abfüllen und...


sk-ii.com.sg 07 Jan '14, 12pm

The secret to Whitening Source DermDefinition UV Lotion (SPF50) lies in its five ‘active’ systems, which work together to ...