05 Jun '14, 11pm

This Photo Explains the Two Basic Types of City Bikes via @josephjett #tech

Road bikes are designed to go fast. Since most of your pedal power goes into parting the incoming air stream when you're at speed, curved road handlebars are so designed in order to lower the frontal area you present to the wind, which lowers the air drag. In terms of cost and availability, an older lugged road bike made of quality steel tubing from Europe or Japan can be sourced through your local online classifieds at a reasonable cost. In particular, the mid-tier road bikes of the "sports-touring" variety – churned out in the millions during the "Bike Boom" of the 70s – generally feature frame eyelets and braze-ons that make attaching fenders or carriers a snap.

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These are the two best styles of city bikes:

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