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@aerlaut refer kesini yah gi:

@aerlaut refer kesini yah gi:

SGEntrepreneurs was started as a resource for the entrepreneurship community in Singapore. The site's continued existence is thanks to the efforts of our many passionate contributors who have written for SGEntrepreneurs over the years. Contact us if you want to be part of this exciting endeavor to learn and share more about the vibrant entrepreneurship community in Singapore. Current Contributors to SGEntrepreneurs Lisa-Ann LEE - Contributing Writer Lisa-Ann is a nomadic wordslinger who can be found roaming the not-so-dusty plains of the tech start-up scene and freelancedom. Say "howdy" to her on LinkedIn . Kien M LEE - Guest Contributor Kien is the founder of SENATUS , an online and offline professional and social network for the Aspiring. It is an exclusive community in which membership is by invitation only. Kwanghui LIM - Dr Kwanghui Lim is a Singaporean who used to le...

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SGEntrepreneurs: Starting a business in Singapore

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Dr Bernard Leong is the co-founder of Chalkboard where he currently serves as the chief technology officer and is the arch...