14 Aug '14, 10am

Awesome list of co-working spaces in Seattle #seattlestartup #seattletech #entrepreneur

This page lists out the various coworking options in and around Seattle. It's crowd-sourced so it can get old at times. Please help us keep it clean and up to date. There should be sections for everything, from coworking spaces, to organizations without specific locations, to resources that help people find things in our area.

Full article: http://wiki.coworking.com/w/page/16583695/CoworkingSeattle


Turning parking lots into outdoor living spaces #PR

Turning parking lots into outdoor living spaces...

propertyguru.com.sg 14 Aug '14, 7am

Comment E-mail to friend Bookmark & Share URA opens registration for PARK(ing) Day. Parking lots across Singapore will be ...

A List of Interviews of Gophers

rubylearning.com 14 Aug '14, 3am

Since May 2014, I have been busy organizing India’s first-ever Go programming conference “GopherConIndia “. The experience...