04 Feb '15, 4am

Written a new post: "Why I want to reach #Flow again"

Written a new post: "Why I want to reach #Flow again"

For myself, I have only reached flow once when I was studying in Cambridge. I was solving a chain of difficult problems in quantum field theory, string theory and black holes. The overdrive and relentless pursuit to focus took me weeks to solve them. In fact, it was so challenging that I found the solution in one problem during the dream and then woke up to write it down. Once those set of problems is solved, I have no problems to transverse anything in the subject. One additional consequence of that exercise, I wrote out a solution to a research problem which aided me in thinking about my PhD thesis during that period of time. However, unforeseen circumstances broke that flow and what made it worse, is that I know that I never recovered or find a way back into flow again in the following years. The only consolation is that I found is teach two very talented individuals ho...

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