04 Mar '16, 8am

Quant’è bella giovinezza, che si fugge tuttavia! https://t.co/UTouS8dyW3

If you are interested in the history of football and tracked the development how the idea of football formations come about, Jonathan Wilson’s book “Inverting the Pyramid” will be a great exposition on the subject. It is reminiscent of international chess history books that tracked the tactics, Wilson’s book puts a good degree of scrutiny on the known football formations such as the boring 4-4-2, the dynamic switching of 4-5-1 and 4-3-3 adopted in modern football or even the 3-5-2 with interesting examples by looking at how the tactics improved or cancelled the sides in gaining victory in the game. It is important that the term “centre-half” known to most of us as the central defender in the English game which can also be interpreted as the central midfielder in the early history of the game.

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