28 May '11, 5pm

In case you missed this: @DEMO Asia Launch Packages Revealed

Prior to yesterday’s Preview event / press conference at Marina Bay Sands, details regarding launching at DEMO Asia were not firmed up. Fees to demo at DEMO have been famously high such that questions were being thrown around by startups as to whether it would follow the price point of DEMO US or localized. Here we have the details of the launch packages and more information on scholarships:

Full article: http://sgentrepreneurs.com/news-stop/2011/05/27/demo-asia...


Greece to launch privatisation drive in weeks: PM

Greece to launch privatisation drive in weeks: PM

channelnewsasia.com 28 May '11, 9pm

ATHENS : Greece will launch an ambitious sell-off of state assets in weeks that will prove to doubters that the country ca...

US seeks to work with China in SE Asia

straitstimes.com 01 Jun '11, 1am

WASHINGTON - THE United States wants to work more closely with China in South-east Asia despite the two powers' competitio...