28 Aug '16, 6am

please note the CJ gets paid a $347K+ pensionable salary a year

Judges’ Remuneration Act (Chapter 147, Section 2(1) ) Judges’ Remuneration (Annual Pensionable Salary) Order O 1 G.N. No. S 331/1994 REVISED EDITION 1994 (1st September 1994) [1st September 1994] Citation 1. This Order may be cited as the Judges’ Remuneration (Annual Pensionable Salary) Order. Annual pensionable salary 2. There shall be paid to — (a ) the Chief Justice an annual pensionable salary of $347,400; (b ) every Judge of Appeal an annual pensionable salary of $253,200; and (c ) every other Judge of the Supreme Court an annual pensionable salary of $234,600.

Full article: http://statutes.agc.gov.sg/aol/search/display/view.w3p;or...